Standard Ground Rod Clamps

Designed for Copper Bonded Ground Rods, ( Earth Rods ) suitable for direct burial, high-strength bronze alloy, corrosion resistant, provided low resistance copper to copper connections. Clamps are fitted with non ferrous screws for longer life.

Conductor area from stranded-down to solid.

Standard Ground Rod Clamps

Cat.NoTrade SizeConductor RangeStd. Pkg
ENCL 383/8″14 SOL – 4 STR100
ENCL 121/2″8 SOL – 2 STR100
ENCL 585/8″10 SOL – 2 STR50
ENCL 343/4″10 SOL – 2 STR50

Heavy Duty Bronze Clamps

ENCL 58H5/8″8 SOL – 1/0 STR50
ENCL 34H3/4″8 SOL – 1/0 STR50

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