High Strength Ground Rod Couplings

High Strength Ground Rod Couplings

Kopell known for their higher-strength and tangible Ground Rod Coupling ( Earth Rod Coupling ) helps to join earth rods together, thus facilitating deeper driving and continual contact between rods both during and after installation.

Thousands of Earth Rod Coupling ruggedly built of bronze helps to protect the earth rod threads during installation with the driving heads. Kopell manufactures their Earth Rod Coupling from high corrosion resistant alloy, which is a sign of higher strength and tangibility.


Main Advantages of Kopell’s Ground Rod Coupling/ Earth Rod Coupling

  • Use of better corrosion resistance alloy
  • Offers higher strength and tangibility
  • Have lower electrical resistance
  • Lower impedance
  • Capable of theft prevention
  • Use of bronze threads for better conductivity
  • Both the ends are chamfered
  • Sectional ground rod ensures lower resistance copper to copper connect



Cat.NoTrade SizeTheadStd. Pkg
ENCO 121/2″9/16″- 12 UNS25
ENCO 585/8″5/8″- 11 UNS25
ENCO 343/4″3/4″- 10 UNS25