Galvanized Rods

Zinc coated exteriors are hot dip Galvanized Ground Rods / Earth Rods for protection against corrosion. In accordance with ASTM Spec. A153-67 surfaces are rigidly inspected to eliminate seams, silvers and other defects. Tensile strength is not less then 76000 psi. Steel confirms to grade ASTM A-529/Grade 50 or equivalent. Core steel meets all requirements to resist bending, prevent excessive mushrooming of the top and distortion of rod when installed under normal driving conditions.

Kopell Galvanized Ground Rods / Earth Rods are available in the following sizes:

Zinc Plated Steel Threaded Rods

SPECIFICATION inchesLength in feetPacking Sub
Wt./100 pcs in Ibs
ENG 1241/2″420/200267
ENG 125520/200334
ENG 126620/200400
ENG 128820/200534
ENG 12101020/200667
ENG 5845/8″410/100400
ENG 585510/100500
ENG 586610/100600
ENG 588810/100800
ENG 58101010/1001000
KRRCZ 383/4″85/501200
KRRCZ 38105/501500