Copper Bonded Ground Rods

In the grounding system, the ground rods ( earth rods ) are able to provide physical connection with the and the instrument will dissipate current into it. Generally, there are two types of electrodes:

Natural – They are intrinsic and include the metal underground pipe, metal frame of the buildings and the reinforcing bars of concrete foundations.

Man-Made – They are installed to improve the performance of grounding system. This includes wire mesh wire meshes, metallic plates, and buried copper conductor etc.

The Copper Ground Rods are the most widely used grounding electrode. We are offering a whole range of Copper Earthing Rods/ Grounding Rods and accessories to meet the electrical industry demands.

Features of Kopell’s Copper Bonded Ground Rods

  • Copper Bonded Ground Rods are more corrosion resistant
  • Copper Bonded Ground Rods are more effective than Galvanized Ground Rods
  • More than 40-years service life
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques
  • Molecularly bonded uniform plating thickness
  • Minimum tensile strength and higher straightness tolerance
  • Manufactured of 1018 cold drawn steel
  • Quite usable when coupling pointed ground rods
  • Ground Rods can be used for deep-driving

Our Copper Grounding Rods have copper exteriors bonded to steel cores and can meet all electrical requirements. The copper jacket in Copper Earthing Rods provides better conductivity.


Nominal Dia. in inchesLength in feetPacking Sub Bndls./MasterWt./100 pcs in Ibs
EN 3843/8″425/300136
EN 385525/300170
EN 386625/300204
EN 3241/2″420/200280
EN 325520/200345
EN 326620/200375
EN 328820/200500
EN 12101020/200625
EN 5845/8″410/100355
EN 585510/100440
EN 586610/100530
EN 588810/100705
EN 58101010/100880
EN 3483/4″85/501035
EN 3410105/501290