One of the major functions of Kopell’s Copper Bonded Ground Rods are – to capture and dissipate the static discharge voltage (like lightning) to earth, thereby stabilizing voltages from the power source. In other words, ground rod provides an easy path for electricity to flow to earth saving any building or complex it is installed upon, from any problem like lightning strike, power surge, short circuit, etc. This Copper Bonded Ground Rods can prevent fire, shock, and damage to human lives and resources and other electrical and electronic equipment.

Technology related to Safety issues

Our company takes special care for technologies related to safety and security of health and property. In the grounding system, the ground rods ( earth rods ) are able to provide physical connection with the earth and the instrument will dissipate current into it. Generally, there are two types of electrodes: 1.Natural and 2.Man made, to stabilize the performance and improve the quality of the rods. We use wire meshes, metallic plates, and buried copper conductor to improve it’s resistivity against the damage and for full conductivity of the electrons into the earth surface. The Copper Ground Rods are the most widely used grounding electrode. We are offering a whole range of Copper Earthing Rods/ Grounding Rods and accessories to meet the electrical industry demands.

Why you should prefer Kopell’s Copper Bonded Ground Rods?

You should prefer these grounding rods because of its guaranteed security and 100% conductivity of electric charges into the ground without any trace of damage or devastation. Also these Copper rods are more effective than Galvanized Ground Rods. The rods have mminimum tensile strength and higher straightness tolerance, besides it’s manufactured of 1018 cold drawn steel for full protection against any calamities. Also the rods are available in various diameters with a modern approach to protect the buildings or complex. The use of the copper jacket in Copper Earthing Rods provides better flow of the charges.

30 years of Expertise and Exposure

Founded in 1986, today, Kopell Grounding Systems is one of the largest manufacturer of engineered products designed for earthing and lightning protection systems in India. We have 30 years of experience and Exposure both in our country and overseas. From the very beginning itself, we have emphasized on excellence of the produced goods and innovation, and customer service. This has been the key to our continuous growth and development towards success.