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Sectional Copper Bonded Ground Rods

In order to obtain, good conducting level and uniform low resistance grounds we offer our customer with endurable Sectional Grounding Rod. They have similar features as those of Pointed/Plain Copper Bonded Ground/Earth Rods.

They come with cold-rolled threads, which are stronger than cut threads and is able to provide added strength of continuous and unbroken grain flows. We make sure that the Sectional Earthing Rod has a strong guard at both ends with plastic caps. This prevents the thread from getting damaged in transit or shipping.

One can drive the threaded Sectional Grounding Rod at least 10/20/30/40 feet or more to reach better conducting soils. In that case, juxtaposing, ground/ earth rod couplings and ground/ earth rod driving studs with the copper bonded sectional threaded rods will help to have a firm support.

Features of Sectional Grounding/Earthing Rod

  • They are also copper bonded ground rods, giving better conductibility
  • Use of cold-rolled threads to give unbroken grain flow
  • The befitting equipment for deep-driving
  • Molecular bonding of copper to the copper-sealed durable steel cores
  • Higher tensile strength and straightness tolerance
  • Better corrosion resistance power than galvanized rods
  • 30 years of service life in some soils
  • Uniform thickness due to the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques

Customers can browse through the huge range of Sectional Earthing Rod/ Grounding Rod available at the online store of Kopell. For better electrical equipment support anytime, we have huge stock of Sectional Earthing/Grounding Rods.

Sectional Rod Cat.No Nominal Dia. in inches Length in feet Packing Sub Bndls./Master Wt./100 pcs in Ibs
N.A 3/8" 4 25/300 136
5 25/300 170
6 25/300 204
ENS 324 1/2" 4 20/200 280
ENS 325 5 20/200 345
ENS 326 6 20/200 375
ENS 328 8 20/200 500
ENS 1210 10 20/200 625
ENS 584 5/8" 4 10/100 355
ENS 585 5 10/100 440
ENS 586 6 10/100 530
ENS 588 8 10/100 705
ENS 5810 10 10/100 880
ENS 348 3/4" 8 5/50 1035
ENS 3410 10 5/50 1290
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